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The museum exhibit is invited to churches, schools (public and private), and civic groups. Hear what people say about their experience.

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F. J. Rusty Maisel D. Ph. H.C.

Enduring Word Museum

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John L. Sliffe  USAF Ret.

Enduring Word Museum

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The Enduring Word Museum is a traveling exhibit and is typically scheduled to an area or region of the United States so the route can include as many setup locations as possible each time we are on the road. If you would like us to visit your location we can add you to a preplanned route or create a new itinerary to include your location.

"presentations about how we got the bible TO encourage bible reading"

We are Christians who believe there is such a thing as TRUTH and that the foundation for understanding GOD'S TRUTH is regular Bible reading.

​​​Rusty and Patricia Maisel along with John and Angel Sliffe are passionate to help people better understand the history and intrinsic value of their Bible.