Archaeology - manuscripts - translations - gutenberg Erasmus - tyndale - coverdale - henry VIII - Geneva - douay 1611 king james 1st edition

The Enduring Word teaches the history of the Bible through historical artifacts from the Holy Land, Middle East, Asia Minor, and Europe spanning 5000 years, all to affirm the Truth and Veracity of the Bible.

John Sliffe joined Rusty in 2011, both assisting Rusty in the completion printing presses for various museums as well as traveling with the exhibit.  After seeing the impact of the ministry  on people's lives, John decided to continue his education. John is currently finishing his Masters in Theology and Church History at Oral Roberts University.

Dr. F J "Rusty" Maisel

The Enduring Word Museum has an operational Gutenberg printing press. We have built many full size, fully operational, working Gutenberg printing presses.  Dr. Maisel has been recognized as an authority on the history of manuscript traditions and early printing. His decades of practical research has led him to design and build several full-size, working replicas of the Gutenberg Printing Press. 

By owning an Authentic Johann Gutenberg Bible page and using the fully functional printing press, the Enduring Word Museum is often invited to schools, both public and private, to speak about the importance of Johan Gutenberg in the Reformation Age. This, along with the history of written communication, are topics of interest for public school's lectures when covering these eras during the school year.

John L. Sliffe along with Rusty Maisel