Archaeology - manuscripts - translations - gutenberg Erasmus - tyndale - coverdale - henry VIII - Geneva - douay 1611 king james 1st edition

Discussion Topics Include: History of how the Bible we have today came into existence, the history of written communication as well as lectures on specific historical characters such as Johan Gutenberg, John Wycliff, William Tyndale, Martin Luther,  Miles Coverdale, King James, and others along with their combined efforts to publish the Bible in English.

William Tyndale

"Father of the English Bible" 90% of the King James Version is attributed to William Tyndale.

  • Bring the exhibit to churches, schools (public, private, and home), nursing homes, senior center...
  • Teach the history of the Bible, the Reformation as well as the history of written communication
  • Discuss the artifacts and the Bibles and how each piece affirms the veracity of the Bible
  • Customize lectures for elementary age through graduate level understanding

John Wycliffe

"And thus the ashes of Wycliffe are emblem of his doctrine which now is dispersed the world over"

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